Review Comments
  • Why read "You Can Play"? Because it's the "How To" of instructional books if your ready to have some fun and learn what it means to "play" in a team atmosphere, make new friends, improve your health and learn how "Team Work" can teach you how to interact with others and reach a common goal together weather on the field, in the board room or at home. This is the perfect book to get you back in the game of life, weather your a seasoned athlete or an arm chair rookie!. No matter how young or old..... YOU CAN PLAY!!!
    Lisa, Clearwater Florida
  • I have not been in the business world but like the message that everybody is worth something and has something to offer, so just get up there and do it. I enjoyed the upbeat attitude. It was a very well written book.
    Betty, 94 years old, B.S. Nutrition and M.A. Home Economics
  • “Trying a new team sport opens you up as a human being. Follow the advice in You Can Play and you’ll increase your confidence, build lifelong friendships, and have a blast in the process.”
    Kathy Smith, Author/Fitness Expert
  • “Kudos to the You Can Play team for providing an easy and accessible blueprint for integrating physical activity into everyone’s daily life. You Can Play turns getting up and active from mission impossible to absolutely doable.”
    Pam Peeke MD, MPH, Chief Medical Correspondent for Fitness and Nutrition, Discovery Health TV, Author of Fit To Live, Body for Life for Women
  • “What a refreshing approach to getting us to move and have at every age! I love the Playbook at the end of each chapter to create action steps! This is a wonderful innovative and creative approach to finding joy in movement and connection with others!”
    Dr. Karen Wolfe, M.B.B.S., MA, Wellness Physician
  • “Not only are team sports great for increasing activity for girls and women, but provide critical elements of leadership socialization that many of us miss out on. Loube offers great tools and stories to help women overcome their fears and inertia, and reap the many benefits of ‘sports beyond sweat.’”
    Dr. Toni Yancey, author Instant Recess: Building a Fit Nation 10 Minutes At a Time
  • “On reflection, being part of a team taught me how to be successful in my life. Being a business owner is not for wimps. I compare it to the intensity of playing in a game. No doubt, my ability to build and work with my team made all the difference. I learned how to handle adversity, the value of dedication and sacrifice for long-term success, the rewards of working as a team, and how to work well with others.”
    Sandy ‘Spin’ Slade – Former Professional Basketball Player, Entrepreneur, Creator and Founder of Skillastics