Review Comments
  • Why read "You Can Play"? Because it's the "How To" of instructional books if your ready to have some fun and learn what it means to "play" in a team atmosphere, make new friends, improve your health and learn how "Team Work" can teach you how to interact with others and reach a common goal together weather on the field, in the board room or at home. This is the perfect book to get you back in the game of life, weather your a seasoned athlete or an arm chair rookie!. No matter how young or old..... YOU CAN PLAY!!!
    Lisa, Clearwater Florida
  • I have not been in the business world but like the message that everybody is worth something and has something to offer, so just get up there and do it. I enjoyed the upbeat attitude. It was a very well written book.
    Betty, 94 years old, B.S. Nutrition and M.A. Home Economics
  • “Trying a new team sport opens you up as a human being. Follow the advice in You Can Play and you’ll increase your confidence, build lifelong friendships, and have a blast in the process.”
    Kathy Smith, Author/Fitness Expert
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Quotes from the Book
  • “For too many of us, our play personality has been buried by a mound of work, family obligations, everyday responsibilities, and the general whirlwind of life. We’ve lost the fun in life.” (p. 17)
  • “…playing sports has shaped my life—including my personality, my confidence, my competitive spirit, and my self-esteem. Play paved the way for me to achieve leadership roles as a high school and college coach, which then helped me better perform as a business owner.” (p. 19)
  • “Shifting from ‘exercise’ to ‘play’ can have a profound impact on your health. Forget the quick fix of crash diets or horrendous exercise routines. Instead, focus on the enjoyment of moving and enjoying yourself through play.” (p. 19)
  • “Play enhances your physical and mental health. It can also boost success in your adult roles as a business partner, parent, family member, volunteer, or professional. Best of all, ‘play’ is synonymous with ‘fun!’” (p.26)