Our CEO Story

Many colleagues and friends have asked me, “Why start another business after selling a successful one you pioneered and led for the past thirty years?”
My initial response was this:

“I have so much more to accomplish.” For the past eight years, I’ve envisioned having the time and energy to focus on putting several innovative ideas into play, projects that have been sitting on the back burner. After closing on the sale of my business, Corporate Fitness Works, on July 28, 2018, I had time to reflect on my life thus far and the potential directions I could take. These past few months have been both challenging, rewarding, refreshing, and renewing.
During this process, I spoke with family, friends, and colleagues, wanting their perspectives as to my strengths and accomplishments. These discussions confirmed that my passion to stay in the game and keep my ideas in play was still vibrantly alive. Their encouragement inspired me to start a new company. My brother suggested I use my name’s initials in my new business which gave me an immediate epiphany. My initials stood for three prominent factors that have been a constant throughout my career: B—Believe, C—Create, L—Lead. Their personal meaning to me has been the foundation for my growth and success. My business name, BCL Teams, reflects the culmination of a career that has been prosperous to me both personally and professionally.
From my first job as a physical education teacher and coach, to becoming a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program founder, and then being a Corporate Wellness Professional and nationally recognized company owner, my career path was one of evolvement. As a result, my knowledge and skills matured exponentially. For each role, I had to believe in myself—in my visions, create the environment for my visions to be realized, and utilize leadership skills in order to advance and inspire my team to be a contributing force in our success.
I believe my story will inspire others. Sharing my experiences, all that I have learned along the way, will motivate others to turn their visions into reality. The leadership skills I have developed throughout my career as a coach, mentor, and entrepreneur will help others build effective teams and evolve into becoming more successful businesswomen.